Wild Card Cricut Cartridge Review

If you are a custom card maker like me, you are going to love this cricut cartridge. That is why I thought it would be cool to do this wild card cricut catridge review. The Wild Card cricut cartridge allows for so many possibilities.

With really cool shaped cards and coordinating envelopes with envelope liners for every occasion, this cricut cartridge is every card maker’s dream. Each card and envelope comes complete with icons and phrases that are perfect for embellishing. Make the cards as designed or you can mix and match the images to personalize your creation.

Looking at this cartridge, you might be saying to yourself “what is this”, I know that I did, but with a few folds here and there these shapes turn into really cool cards with matching envelopes.

This cartridge works terrific with my Cricut Expression machine, making the envelopes first, “Fit to Page”–then size the cards accordingly. You can also use your original cricut machine but you need to make smaller cards if you desire matching envelopes. This is one of my favorite cricut cartridges.

This Wild Card cricut cartridge has fun images like: graduation cap ~ owl card and tree envelope ~ doctors bag ~ band aid ~ stethoscope ~ diaper pin ~ slice of cake ~ cup cake and frosting ~ rockets & fireworks ~ three tier wedding cake ~ rotary telephone ~ baby carriage ~ baby rattle ~ Star of David ~ sombrero ~ jack-o-lantern …just to mention some! Besides those, There are more fun surprises waiting for you with this cartridge!

It also has a special phrase function key with phrases such as: It’s a Girl ~ It’s a Boy ~ Get Better ~ For the Happy Couple ~ Our Wedding ~ Just Married ~ A little something just for you ~ Many Happy Return ~ Happy Birthday ~ You’re one of a kind ~ You did it! ~ Wow ~ Celebrate ~ God Bless You ~ I thought of you today ~ You make my heart sing…. And a whole lot more, you have to check it out.

If you have the Cricut Design Studio software, you can go and check out all these fun designs but rememberjust know that} you can only preview from the design studio. (Remember if you don’t own the cartridge you will not be able to cut the images on your cricut machine), and if you don’t own the Wild Card cricut cartridge you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun. I had fun going through and writing this Cricut Cartridge Review of the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge. For even more fun, allow me to suggest that JoansCraftWorld.com is a fun place to visit to get more cricut cartridge reviews plus tips and techniques for your custom creations.


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